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Descriptions Now®

Your Price: $199.00

with a 60 day money back guarantee

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The fastest way to define jobs and hire effectively.

Descriptions Now helps you create job descriptions that attract better candidates, establish consistent performance competencies, improve employee focus and protect your organization in a discrimination lawsuit.


  • Easy wizard process helps to write and maintain job descriptions in a consistent manner.
  • Includes more than 3,700 pre-written and customizable job descriptions.
  • Automatically creates behavioral-based interview questions.
  • Easy-to-use Q&A process assures ADA Compliance.-

The fast, easy way to write all your job descriptions

Use the Descriptions Now! Q&A software to customize all the job descriptions you need. Just choose from the library of thousands of jobs. Answer simple questions about qualifications...physical demands...supervisory environment. Edit. You're done. It's fast. It's easy.

You may purchase a copy of Descriptions Now direct from Employers of America for just $199. To order Descriptions Now, call 1-641-424-3187, or order directly from our Web site by adding it to your Shopping Cart.

Write Effective Job Descriptions in Minutes

Clear job descriptions help employees work smarter, and become more effective in their jobs. As an employer, well-written job descriptions help you hire the right people and make fair employment decisions you can defend in court.

That's why thousands of organizations -- from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies -- have made Descriptions Now for Windows® the #1 selling job description software.

With Descriptions Now, it's easy to go from blank page to finished job description in just minutes.

Just choose from one of over 3700 built in jobs, edit -- even combine duties from different jobs. Then answer some questions about physical and educational requirements, work environment, qualifications and supervisory responsibilities.

Using unique technology, Descriptions Now takes your answers and writes a comprehensive job description that's customized to your organization.

It's that fast. It's that easy!

It's also easy to get all the managers in your organization writing effective job descriptions because Descriptions Now is network-ready. It only takes a phone call to access network functions and add users.

Descriptions Now®
Your Price: $199.00

with a 60 day money back guarantee
Phone Orders: 1-641-424-3187

"I am writing a job description in no time. It's easy to create custom job descriptions by finding the closest descriptions, search others, then copy and paste. And I like the fact that Descriptions Now addresses the compliance issues of the ADA law!"
(Americans with Disabilities Act)

Judy Hummel Hummel's Office Plus

"The questionnaire format helped me zap right through Descriptions Now. I liked the way Descriptions Now helped me select specific physical requirements. The physical requirements helped us establish the initial requirements of the job."

-Bryce Skaling, Soilmoisture Equipment Corp

"I was on a committee that interviewed employees and wrote job descriptions for 70 employees. It took an entire year. Now we have merged with another organization. Rather than do that all over again, we will be using Descriptions Now for new positions. Descriptions Now is truly user-friendly."

-Lynda Schwada, Orthopedic Healthcare Northwest