Give Your Supervisors the Confidence,
Skills and Tools to Succeed

Before Supervisor Training Begins...

Identify the objectives of the training.
Identify the measurable results you want to achieve.
Identify your organization's Power and Reward System.
Do you need to make changes in how power is shared and how employee activity is rewarded? What kinds of changes? What changes are necessary to achieve your objectives? Is management willing to make the changes and lead the changes?
Decide where your supervisors fit in. What are the expectations and objectives for your   supervisors?
Selecting Supervisors
Make supervisor job descriptions and behavior styles fit your organization's   expectations and objectives for them.
Assessment testing: Adopt and use the tools and the systems for selecting the   supervisors who fit your supervisor positions.
Skills for Supervisors: Coaching and Training Supervisors
to Achieve the Results You Want
Use Managing for Success instruments to help supervisors coach more and supervise   less.
Coach supervisors to help, energize and lead their staffs, teams and employees
Dealing with problems: Give supervisors the strategies that bring sure-fire relief from   employee-caused headaches.
Arm the supervisor for legal challenges: How to keep employees from dragging the   organization (and even the supervisor) into court.

Benefits of Supervisor Training

You will select supervisors who are comfortable with their responsibilities... supervisors who are eager to coach their staffs, teams and employees to success.
You will focus management, supervisors, and employees on achieving clearly defined objectives for the organization.
Supervisors will enjoy their jobs more because they'll be using proven personal behavior tools and strategies that improve employee productivity and employee satisfaction.
You will increase harmony and reduce tension in the workplace. This will result in improved productivity without increasing employee-related costs.
Management and supervisors will experience a reduction in headaches associated with dealing with difficult people.
You will see an increase in supervisor and employee achievement because the organization's power and reward system is improved.
You will attract better employees and reduce turnover because supervisors will be coaching more, rewarding more, and supervising less.
You will increase your organization's protection by reducing the chances that supervisors' mistakes and misstatements could lead to employee-initiated legal action.
You will increase the protection of your organization's investments and profits by reducing tensions, misunderstandings, and conflicts that can lead to disputes and litigation.